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November 18, 2019

November 19, 2019

November 20, 2019

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E-ticket to the theater and concert

Modern technology has brought about changes in our daily lives. Now, sitting at home or even being at the moment far from St. Petersburg, you have the opportunity to explore on our website a poster of all cultural activities, and not only a few days, but for a few weeks in advance. Moreover, it is possible to book a ticket to the desired play or concert at the desired day - and it will be delivered at the agreed place or to wait until you do not come after him. But now we are pleased to offer another, new and increasingly demanded by citizens and guests of St. Petersburg, service - e-tickets to almost all cultural events in the city.

Most of the theaters, concert halls and clubs have already joined this system, when a person wishing to purchase tickets can do so via the Internet, and in electronic form. This so-called e-ticket in its content is no different from paper counterparts, and its authenticity is confirmed by a special QR-code, which can be provided to the buyer on his e-mail, or will be listed on the printed form. This completely replaces the usual ticket tickets purchased through the cashier or purchased through delivery. And the advantage of it is that there is no need to waste time going to the ticket office and standing there in line. Or pay for services for the delivery of tickets purchased online. And note - we do not make any additional charge for the offered through our service tickets - for the same price they are sold at the box office.