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Экскурсии по Санкт-Петербургу для детей

Cognitive and exciting excursions in St. Petersburg for children of all ages. We collected the most interesting tours for children 5 and older! You can choose an event that will appeal to your child.

Even as a child the child has the opportunity to get acquainted with the main sights of the city - architecture, parks, streets, palaces, cathedrals, the legendary houses. But not even all adult residents of the northern capital city are aware of what kids can learn on these trips. Child acquainted not only with the life of a modern city, but also learn how St. Petersburg was a century ago, will hear new names of architects, artists and poets who created the art in this city.

We understand that you care about the safety of their children, so each tour included a detailed description. As an accompanying adult, to a group of children prepended competent educator and professional guide. Children is not easy to please, especially in regard to the perception of new information. But each of these excursions are qualified guides who are not involved in the first year of children's projects.