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Always wanted to go to the premiere of your favorite performance? With the capabilities of our service is easy to implement your desire! Premieres of operas, dramas and sitcoms, new concerts and shows. With TicketBest be on a "first presentation" is made possible.

Usually tickets for popular events and premieres with interest diverge at the moment of sale and for big money. We give you the opportunity to save on the purchase and save your time and nerves, providing tickets at no extra charge. This is the main area of ​​our website.

A nice addition would be the courier service. The staff of our agency will carry out the delivery of tickets at any place designated by you, both within the city, so near suburbs.

We also offer our customers a range of exclusive services. Namely: VIP-seats, tickets to the Mariinsky Theatre and activities available to the few agencies.

The method of ordering is simple and accessible to everyone. Whether it is an electronic version of purchase or a phone call. At any time you can book the ticket and get it either by courier or by e- mail.

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