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Театр: Оперетта в Петербурге

Let the French «operette» and means "little opera", in fact - one of the finest operetta and interesting forms of art, which grew into a self-sufficient and independent genre. On our site you can find all the representations that occur in the northern capital right now. Recent trends, domestic and foreign repertoire, touring performances - all this you will find on the site

In operetta combined and instrumental music, and vocal, and pop art, and dance. Modern trends derive this genre far beyond the classical understanding of operetta. However, the theaters of the city and offer the most that neither eat classical performances, you can visit the most popular operettas presentation, for example - Franz Lehar, Emmerich Kalman, Strauss and others. Operetta can be called a very slight theatrical genre, its like people of all ages. At the time, the influence of this genre had Greek comedy. In addition to live-action and a good story, an important part of the presentation given to the sets and costumes that create an indescribable atmosphere on stage.

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