The opera «The Flying Dutchman»

The opera «The Flying Dutchman»

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    October 22, Tuesday 19:00
    400 - 3000 rub.
    Recommended age 12+
    Award Nominee
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The play nominated for the "Golden Mask 2012-2013" in 5 categories.
Performed in German, accompanied by Russian titles.

In 2013, after a long 40-year sleep, the stage of the theater returned to St. Michael's great opera "The Flying Dutchman". The event, which served as the impetus for this - the 200th anniversary of Richard Wagner, who wrote the libretto and music for the opera. Cast and credits can not but express our admiration for the man, always considered writing and staging the highest category of creative skill. Therefore, in the repertoire "floated" out of time "Flying Dutchman" darkness.

Wagner loved this opera. Perhaps because it was the very first of its mature fruit. Maybe because at the age of 27 years the composer was in a terrible mess, which inspired him to write an opera. Eerie storm covered his ship on his way to England from Riga. And according to legend, a young Wagner overheard whisper told by sailors, the story of a ghostly schooner, whose destiny - the continued sailing through the waters of the seas and oceans.

"The Flying Dutchman" - a sample of most of chamber operas, although it is here that the greatest composer managed to convey in vivid colors all the musical richness of sound and expression of the raging water element. When Richard Wagner created it, he had not the best of their periods. Therefore, this opera is also a specimen of incredible life-affirming power of love and inner nobility, for which there are no barriers. Neither real nor mystical.

Libretto: Richard Wagner
Director: Vasily Barhatov
Premiere: July 6, 2013
Running time: 2 hours

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