Drama and Comedy Cafe

Drama and Comedy Cafe

St. Petersburg, Novolitovskaya st., 15A

Drama and Comedy Cafe - St. Petersburg unique project combining Russian cuisine in the best tradition, the interior in the style of English clubs in the atmosphere of the Berlin cabaret format. Being in a not very popular among the regulars clubs and restaurants of the area, Drama and Comedy Cafe has long been a favorite destination for true connoisseurs of art, like cooking and entertaining. It features three halls, which hosts concerts and poetry readings, film screenings and theater performances.

As you probably guessed, the name of the cafe is not accidental. Guests have the opportunity to not only enjoy home cooked c care specialties, but also plunge into the world of exciting stories that are occurring.

Drama and Comedy Cafe consists of three rooms with a total area of ​​220 sq.m. The first room - a banquet for 60 people with the ability to take on the buffet table for 80 people. The second hall for 50 people - with theater stage, amphitheater and tables, professional sound and light. These two rooms are separated by a small cozy VIP-hall, where there are sofas with tables for a pleasant stay.

Drama and Comedy Cafe is proud of its tradition of organizing unusual and exciting projects. Over the past few years on the court were the original show and interesting film screenings, poetry performances and memorable concerts.


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