Socio-cultural center «Burevestnik»

Socio-cultural center «Burevestnik»

St. Petersburg, Podvoyskogo st., 38

Socio-cultural center "Burevestnik", located in the Nevsky district of St. Petersburg and is a former building of the theater of the same name, has resumed its work again after repairs and renovations. The main objective of the SCC "Burevestnik" is the organization of leisure and recreational facilities for the people living in the surrounding areas.

Rooms are equipped with high-quality lighting and sound equipment, and the center is now possible to carry out various ideas for small children (musical groups, drama schools, circus performance). Indoor SCC organizes congresses, meetings, holiday festivals, meetings, disco (in the style of the 80s, 90s), various activities in connection with such holidays as New Year celebrations, children's Christmas Tree, New Year 's Day. In general, all that is important and relevant for everyone.


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