Theatre Mir

Theatre Mir

St. Petersburg, Pushkinskaya st., 9

In the theatrical life of St. Petersburg "Mir" has a special place. This - theater improvisation and full trust to the actors. In fact - it is not only a stage for performances, a dramatic school for the actor and the spectator. Modern theaters often lack freedom, creativity raisins, side view. Here you will find a completely unique theater space.

The theater's repertoire is varied: classical and contemporary comedies and dramas, musical evenings, dance and theatrical performances, children's stories, improvisational performances.

Hall Theater "Mir" is small - about 50 seats. Thanks to this cozy room viewer becomes not just a spectator, and witnessed the unfolding of events in front of him. Sometimes even involve the viewer in the acting game and setting, but it is - surprise.

The theater is located in the building of social and cultural center in Pushkin. The building, however, is no different from others that adorn the heart of St. Petersburg.

Each view in the theater "Mir" is a novelty here rarely conduct the event twice. Therefore, if you decide to book tickets - do it right now with our online service. Also on our website you will find detailed Playbill "Mir".


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