Club «A2 Green Concert»

Club «A2 Green Concert»

St. Petersburg , pr. Medikov, 3

Club «A2 Green Concert» - a meeting place for all those who appreciate good music and tries to be interesting to spend their time. Here are the best Russian and foreign musicians. At various times in the A2 Green Concert scene out Limp Bizkit, Smashing Pumkins, Fall Out Boy, New Order, and other well-known groups. But A2 Green Concert - is not only a musical playground. The club also hosts recitals of famous public figures, private parties and night parties.

Theme performances widest enough is enough room for everyone at the club. Two large halls - "Peace" by 5 000 people and the "Sputnik" for 1 500 seats, - the VIP-zone, bars, a restaurant, a comfortable walk-in closet and separate areas for smokers - A2 Green Concert is a great example of the most rational organization of the club space.


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