TCC Aleksandrinsky

TCC Aleksandrinsky

St. Petersburg, Fontanka emb. , 49a

New Alexandrinsky Theatre - a unique multifunctional performing arts center, which has no analogues in Russia and the West, was opened Alexandrinsky theater spring of 2013.

Designed Yuri Zemtsov and St. Petersburg bureau "Zemtsov, Kondiain and Partners" architectural project carefully enter the ensemble of buildings in the historic New Stage urban environment between Ostrovsky Square and the Fontanka River, adjacent to the main building of the Alexandrinsky Theatre.

According to the plan worked on the project Alexandrinsky Theatre artistic director Valery Fokin, director (now - artistic director ABDT them. GATovstonogova) Andrew Mighty and rector of the St. Petersburg State Academy of Theatre Arts Alexander Chepurov, starting the New Stage opens a new page in history the old National Theatre of Russia.

Complex activities aimed at creating prerequisites for the upgrade and development of the national theater and its rapprochement with contemporary culture, overcoming the distance between the modern theater and the audience, the formation of a new audience.


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