Art Square

Art Square

St. Petersburg, Arts Square, 3

Not far from Nevsky Prospekt and the Griboyedov Canal is one of the most beautiful squares in the historic part of St. Petersburg, called St. Michael's because of her location on the Mikhailovsky Palace. Rossi belongs to the draft plan of the entire territory of the Griboyedov Canal to the Fontanka. Undoubtedly, the central object in the architectural ensemble playing Mikhailovsky Palace, the building of which did not last long for that time: from 1819 to 1825.

An ardent fan of classical Rossi builds a palace in your favorite style, adorning the facade eight-columned portico with a triangular pediment. Guard the entrance to the palace huge lions, cast in bronze. Visually separates the palace grounds and the area of ​​massive cast-iron fence.


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