Mikhailovsky Castle

Mikhailovsky Castle

St. Petersburg, Sadovaya st., 2

Mikhailovsky Castle - a real "gothic" place romantic and gloomy. Ghost killed Emperor supposedly did not leave him. In historical reality palace constantly attracts a strange history: for example, when Alexander I gathered here on the vigil whips and eunuchs.

Paul, the Knights of Malta, would be present as a residence fortified castle, so the palace was surrounded by channels with drawbridges. Subsequently filled channels, and to the tercentenary of St. Petersburg canal in front of the main facade dug again. According to romantic legend, the castle walls are painted in the color of gloves mistress Paul Countess Lopukhina. Four facades of the building are quite different. Wide staircase on the north side is decorated with statues of Hercules and Flora. They are sometimes called "falling statues" - next to the stairs there is an illusion that the statues do not have solid support and tumbled from their pedestals.


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