Theatre Malyschitskogo

Theatre Malyschitskogo

St. Petersburg, Vosstaniya st., 41

Its history the theater began in 1969, when the VA Malyschitsky founded in Leningrad student theater «Studio», quickly became famous. Spectators even nicknamed him "little Taganka" by analogy with the Moscow Taganka Theatre, where he worked as Vladimir Vysotsky.

There is no usual scene and curtain.

On the four sides of a small room there are benches for spectators. Place yourself you pick and choose. From whatever side you sit, the show will open for you in all colors, because the action is three-dimensional. And if you want to come again, vyberaem another place - and all events are brought to you in a different perspective. In addition, the very location of the seats, changing depending on what today goes a performance rebuilds the space in which the actors work.

The free space in the middle does not separate from the public. The action comes immediately, a step away from the audience, which is visible every nuance of what is happening. This way of organizing stage space is preserved theater and to the present day.


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