Theatre and concert hall «Carnival»

Theatre and concert hall «Carnival»

St. Petersburg, Nevsky pr., 39/A

In 1986, at the turn of two epochs on the map of Leningrad, a new multi-purpose building theater and concert complex "Carnival" City Palace of Pioneers. More than 20 leading enterprises of the Soviet Union most directly involved in the development of the project, in the manufacture of equipment and facilities for the new concert hall. It features the training and rehearsal rooms and a unique concert hall "Carnival", designed for performances of children's creative teams of the city.

Concert Hall "Carnival" - complex technological structure. Provides all-spectacular events taking place on the stage of "Carnival", experts creative departments, engineering and technical services and artistic staging parts.

Located in the heart of St. Petersburg, "Carnival" attracts our guests comfortable auditorium for 760 people, a bright three-level lobby with live sounds of the fountain and the first floor conservatory, beautiful views of the city opening up to the audience.

On the stage of "Carnival" are the best children's art groups in St. Petersburg and Russia, as well as professional performers. Over 28 years on the stage "Carnival" made their first steps hundreds of thousands of young performers, the future stars of theater and show business.


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