Theatre Subbota

Theatre Subbota

St. Petersburg, Zvenigorodskaya st., 30

St. Petersburg State Theatre "Subbota" was founded by Yuri Smirnov-Nesvitski one Saturday in 1989. The basis of the initiative group was young people, and the theater itself has caused quite an active interest in public. Some pieces of the theater will never go out of fashion, it is, in particular, plays a remark, Fitzgerald, Chekhov. Ostrovsky.

On the stage of this theater, you can see a number of pieces of the founder - Yuri Alexandrovich, and scenarios of numerous literary works of classical and contemporary. Sometimes that happens in the play can be changed beyond recognition in order that the viewer could look at the work of the other.

In his productions, the actors have complete freedom of action, they are often exempt from any theatrical conventions or norms. Non-standard stage decision affects a variety of pieces - from classic to contemporary. Theatre has toured extensively throughout Europe - from England to Bulgaria.

And no one disputes that the best way to get acquainted with the theater - it's come to visit him. The easiest way to do it through our website - by ordering tickets online and filling out their delivery directly into your hands.


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