Theatre Fruits of Enlightenment

Theatre Fruits of Enlightenment

St. Petersburg, ave. Engelsa, 154

The fruits of education - not just an ordinary theater for kids, preschoolers and adolescents. It is included in the multi-project "Marvellous City", which, in turn, is an interactive platform for the development and education of the child. Part of the cultural life of St. Petersburg theater was as recently as 2011.

The basic repertoire - performances, plays and performances for children. Genre filling performances - the most diverse: here you will meet and the good fairy tale for the young and clever stories for kids school-adult, and, of course, a serious statement for teenagers.

Especially popular theater enjoyed by adults, because in the evening performances in the theater "Fruits of Enlightenment" prepare dramatic (and not only) setting the best St. Petersburg theaters. Other than that you are waiting for meetings with authors, recitals and jazz concerts.

Number of seats in the theater - 200 Room is equipped with modern sound and lighting equipment. In the theater, it is possible to put an extra 40 seats.

The theater is located in a modern shopping center in the north of St. Petersburg. In addition to the theater where you can find a variety of interactive platforms, food outlets and shops.

Tickets for the children's and adult theater performances "The Fruits of Enlightenment" can be purchased on our website.


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