St. Petersburg, Constantinovskiy prospect, 19

Dolphins - absolutely amazing and unique creatures. Their high level of intelligence is no longer questioned, because even the convolutions in the cortex of the brain twice as much as a man. From ancient times, the Dolphins are friendly with people - there are cases of drowning rescue dolphins, well, even dolphins - great artists. Their performances are capable of hitting not only children but also adults.

Dolphinarium in the MaxMara - one of the favorite places for family and children's activities in St. Petersburg. The number of those wishing to visit the dolphin show and swim with these intelligent creatures in the pool, has been steadily increasing each year. In St. Petersburg Dolphinarium represented mainly bottlenose dolphin - is the most common form of dolphins, they are found in the seas and oceans around the world.

Shows with dolphins - a real firework of amazing rooms, where marine life show miracles of dexterity, intelligence and grace. Of course, for each trick made the Dolphins are not only enthusiastic applause from the audience, but also a favorite treat - fresh fish.


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