Kochubey Club

Kochubey Club

Saint Petersburg, Furshtatskaya st., 24

House of Prince Victor Sergeyevich Kochubey built in the years 1908-1910 by the architect R.F.Meltsera. In 1910, Prince V.S.Kochubey settled here with his wife, Princess Elena Konstantinovna, nee Beloselsky-Belozersky, and children - Victor, Nadezhda, Sofia.

In 2003-2008. a complete reconstruction and restoration of the building with the restoration of historical interiors and state rooms on the original drawings of architect R.F.Meltsera. In 2009 the house renovated and updated prince Kochubey Viktor Sergeyevich opens its doors to you.

The interior halls fully restored - they are made in the style of an elegant early XX century Petersburg and equipped with the latest technology. At your service - rental of five banquet and meeting rooms.


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