Theater of Rains

Theater of Rains

St. Petersburg, nab. Fontanka River, 130

January 7, 1990 on the banks of the Fontanka River from the rainy weather of St. Petersburg was born a small theater - "Theater of Rains" .The main repertoire consists of the works of world classic drama "The Seagull", "Uncle Vanya" by Anton Chekhov, "Rainmaker" P . Nash, "dangerous turn" JB Priestley.

One of the most popular performances for the audience began staging plays Grigory Gorin "The House that Swift Built" and "Requiem". The performance "The House that Swift Built" was a great success on tour in Moscow in May 2000, where the company met with the author of this theatrical fantasy. "Memorial Prayer", set in 2003, aroused interest among theater critics and has won such love audience that the theater had to look for a bigger room for the performance of hire.

In spring 2004, the artistic director and chief director of the Theater of Rains Natalia Nikitina won the first festival "The director - women's profession". She received the award in the category "From the male directors - for the love of the actors" and the special prize of the Association "Women and Business" - for constant sold out performances.

Regular viewers of the theater - doctors, teachers, engineers, as well as today's young people: students and senior students. People are tired of anger, misunderstanding and insensitivity, cruelty of our time, come to the theater for many years ...


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