Birja Bar

Birja Bar

St. Petersburg, Birjevoy Lane, 4

First of all, the bar "Exchange" - a platform for parties and concerts, but the composition of the menu and the ingenuity of supply is not inferior to a decent restaurant. Schedule parties and concerts know a month in advance - on the poster all those who are now called on the youth music festivals. Bar menu High-quality, long and sometimes quite ingenious - for example, there are five special cocktail to Bushmills, and as many as four species "Negroni".

Subject English culture and music is very close to the project team, so the room designed for 84 seats, decorated in an appropriate style. The spacious hall of simplicity and brevity coexist with interesting details. On the panel in red, blue and white are represented by Jim Morrison and place in a phone booth. On large screens arranged around the room, twisting sports events and concerts of stars.

Music that sounds in the "Market Bar" - a okolodzhazovye and okolofankovye direction. In addition to live concerts, dance parties are organized with DJ sets playing on vinyl, and after party.


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