Tulskaya area., Aleksin district, Bunyrevo

Bunyrevo - a village in the Tula region Aleksin district, located 6 km from Alexina and 52 km from Tula to your shores and Oka rivers. Many people specially come to Bunyrevo to witness the grand action - the famous festival "Wild Mint"! Every year, summer is here collected the best representatives from around the world playing jazz, rock and world-music! Describe what happens to these days Bunyrevo - impossible! Extraordinarily atmospheric event, receiving thousands of students and dozens of performers, reveals the diversity and originality of music.

"Wild Mint" is one of the best fests of the country, and this is confirmed by the increasing popularity with each passing year. Famous artists and young musicians is honored to speak at the "Wild Mint". And listeners doubly glad, because they combine the music with the rest in a beautiful forest area. The village is located in Aleksin Tula region, about 70 km from the regional center. The best way to get here - the car. The journey takes just over an hour.


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