Sheremetev Palace

Sheremetev Palace

St. Petersburg, Fontanka Embankment, 34

Former estate of the Sheremetev Counts - a unique historical and cultural monument and a rare specimen for Petersburg building farmsteads. Until 1917 Sheremetev Palace and the estate belonged to the eldest of five generations (the Count) branch of the famous Russian Sheremetev family.

In 1990, the Palace was handed over to the Museum of Theatre and Music to create music Museum of St. Petersburg and placing the state collection of musical instruments. Since the late 1980s in the Sheremetev Palace began restoration work related to restoring the gala and memorial interiors of the XIX century.

Currently, most of the restored rooms of the Sheremetev Palace, donated to the museum in poor condition. The exhibition is arranged in three areas: a) the history of the Sheremetev and noble life of XVIII-XX centuries. b) mutual funds of the unique collection of musical instruments; c) an exhibition of private collections.


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