Mikhailovsky theatre

Mikhailovsky theatre

St. Petersburg, Isskustv sq., 1

Mikhailovsky Theatre is one of the oldest theaters of St. Petersburg. By law, he is considered one of the best theaters in the country and the cradle of the connoisseurs of classical opera and ballet. Local scene saw productions of Meyerhold, Shostakovich performances and ballets of the famous avant-garde Lopuhova.

A new stage of existence for the Mikhailovsky Theatre began in 2007, with the change of leadership. Changed the composition of the repertoire and performers emerged the big names have been launched interesting projects. For many years, artists of the Mikhailovsky Theatre participated in a number of prestigious competitions, occupying leading positions. For some time now established a special award that carries the name of the theater.

Despite a pronounced classic line, in 2011, the Mikhailovsky Theatre invited to head the ballet troupe of the famous Nacho Duato, who is considered one of the best Spanish choreographers. Since then, the life of the theater started a new chapter, especially because of the Moscow Bolshoi moved here a budding young ballet couple - Osipova and Vasiliev.

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