Museum of street art

Museum of street art

St. Petersburg, m. Revolution 84

Street Art Museum is located on the current production in the east of St. Petersburg. The principles of the industrial association of post-Soviet aesthetics, naked nerve of real life and the young street art in public space can be called the main theses of the project. Located on a working factory far outside the historical center and the main arteries of the city's cultural life, the museum is the second season it becomes a point of attraction for the active audience.

Museum territory is divided into two zones - a permanent exhibition on the existing plant for the production of laminates and public area, where temporary exhibitions and public events. In the closed area of ​​the plant is a permanent collection of monumental paintings of contemporary street artists, or "Muralov," as they are called in the graffiti community.

Now the permanent collection of the museum consists of about 20 works of contemporary street artists: Pasha 183 and Timothy sake, Cyril Who Nikita Nomerz'a, Escif'a and others. A significant number of frescoes located inside the existing shops. The company occupies nearly 11 acres of industrial area. According to rough estimates, about 200 thousand square meters of surface, which is given over to the work of street artists from all over the world.


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