Pier Anichkov Bridge

Pier Anichkov Bridge

Saint Petersburg, Fontanka Embankment, 27

The bridge across the Fontanka on Nevsky Prospekt, framed by four sculptures of horse-tamers, is one of the most recognizable bridges of St. Petersburg. The total length of the bridge is 54.6 m, width is 37.9 m. The Anichkov Bridge has three lanes, as well as pedestrian sidewalks . Its official name "Nevsky Bridge" did not take root. The name "Anichkov" went on behalf of Lieutenant-Colonel-Engineer Mikhail Anichkov, whose working battalion rebuilt the settlement, which was nearby. He also took part in the construction of the bridge. The same stories that build the bridge name to some Anichka or Ana are just urban legends. The first wooden bridge on this site was built under Peter I in 1716 and had a length of about 150 meters. Later, the bridge changed many times: expanded, strengthened, rebuilt in wood and stone. The bridge acquired a modern look in the middle of the 19th century. Three spans, covered with gentle vaults, were laid out of bricks and faced with granite. There were wonderful cast iron railings, made according to the sketches of the German architect Karl Schinkel, depicting mermaids and sea horses.


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