Club «Gestalt»

Club «Gestalt»

Saint-Petersburg, Konyushennaya sq., 2

Gestalt is a club located in the epicenter of the cultural life of St. Petersburg, on Konushennaya Square, focused on unique night events and evening concerts. The technical content of the platform meets the latest trends - the powerful sound system Funktion One is combined with visual installations, the main decoration of which is a one-of-a-kind dome screen. The design of the club is made with observance of strict lines in the interior of the main hall and bright, and sometimes hooligan, interspersed elements of street art in two of six bars.

The schedule of night events includes performances of underground techno and house DJs and musicians, whose names adorn the line-ups of top clubs and festivals around the world. The concert program will please the spoiled public and surprise the hungry new names: in the playbill as artists representing the new wave scene, and collectives that have long proved themselves to the Petersburg public.


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