Puppet fairytale theater

Puppet fairytale theater

Saint Petersburg, Moscow Avenue, 121

In St. Petersburg there is such a theater, when you come to that, you already get to the amazing fairy-tale world from the threshold: fantastic animals fly in the foyer, and the Fairy of the Theater meets the spectators. We are sure that our performances are for spectators of different ages. It is unlikely that a puppet theater, an ancient and uneasy art, should be considered purely childish. Another question is that the puppet theater, like the theater is the most poetic, is closer to the child, with his living imagination and naive metaphorical perception of the world. Therefore, most of the audience of our theater, of course, children. Children and their parents.

Respect and goodwill, lack of rudeness and primitive themes in performances of the repertoire, the desire to convey the beauty and harmony of the world - these important terms determine the original creative appearance of the Fairy Tale Theater. We try to enrich and support this kind of long-standing tradition with all our might ... Moreover, viewers and theater critics unanimously recognize our Theater as one of the best puppet theaters in the country.


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