Youth Theatre

Youth Theatre

St. Petersburg , Pionerskaya sq., 1

St. Petersburg's Theatre for Young People (Youth Theatre named. A.Bryantseva) was founded in 1922 and is one of the most respected theaters for children and young people not only in our country but around the world. Renowned theater director, People's Artist of the USSR Alexander Bryantsev opened theater performance of "The Little Humpbacked Horse". This play and still enjoys the same success with viewers. Every season in the repertoire Spectators at least 30 performances and productions for children of all ages and adults. Directors and directors of world renown consider it an honor to work with the theater.

Besides the fabulous performances and productions for young audiences, the theater often hosts events for different events, concerts and various competitions of performers.

At this time, the theater is located in a specially constructed building on the street Pioneer. The structure is made in the constructivist style by architect Alexander Zhukov. In the theater, two halls: Main - 780 seats, although it is possible to accommodate up to 1,000 spectators, and Small - for chamber performances with 50 seats (opened in 1996). Schedule is based on the daily school activities and performances start at 17-18 hours. Performances for adults - at 19.00.

Tickets TYuZ are unchanged on demand, so we recommend to order them in advance on our website. Check out the poster productions and performances for the current season. Tickets for the Christmas holidays can be booked now.


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