Petersburg SCC

Petersburg SCC

St. Petersburg, Yuri Gagarin av., 8

Sports and Concert Complex named after Lenin, was renamed after the events in "Petersburg", is one of the largest venues for events of different levels, not only in Russia but also in Europe. In St. Petersburg, neither in terms of capacity, either in multi-functionality is not built anything like this and do not plan to build, but because a masterpiece of Soviet architecture of the late 70's for a long time will not be surpassed.

In his live performances CKK Petersburg on sports is not far behind. Notices collected Alla Pugacheva, Yuri Antonov, VIA Earthlings, Alexander Serov, the group Time Machine, Alice, DDT, and many others. From international stars should note the arrival of Mireille Mathieu in 1987, as well as concerts Julio Iglesias and Depeche Mode. Today, the JCC continues to receive visitors. Yes, the complex does not look best in terms of comfort for the spectators, but the unique opportunities the arena can not be claimed. There is still playing soccer (international youth tournament) and tennis, concerts popular western groups.


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