Drama Theatre on Liteyniy

Drama Theatre on Liteyniy

St. Petersburg, Liteyniy ave., 51

For the first time the occurrence of the theater at Foundry Avenue, Building 51 St. Petersburg audience knew in 1909, when on the site of an ancient arena graph Sheremeteva appeared Foundry Theatre, which from the first season was great glory "theater of thrills».

With the advent of a new artistic director Alexander Getman, the theater changed its artistic policy. The refusal of the chief director of the institute, entailed active involvement in theater is not only the brightest representatives of the St. Petersburg directing, but also young, budding directors. The repertoire of the theater performances of the leading directors of Alexander Galibina Petersburg, Yuri Butusova, Roman Smirnov, Grigory Kozlov, Andrei Prikotenko. The results of their collaboration with the theater and the viewers are highly professional assessment.

Theatre on Foundry constantly becomes a party to the largest Russian and international theater festivals, in a diverse repertoire that includes classical and modern plays, plays the leading directors of St. Petersburg and Russia.


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