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Art Club Manhattan
St. Petersburg, Fontanka River, 90
Aurora Concert Hall
St. Petersburg, Pirogovskaya emb., 5/2
Backstage Club
St. Petersburg , Ligovsky prosp., 113
Club «A2 Green Concert»
St. Petersburg , pr. Medikov, 3
Club Amper
Saint-Petersburg, Borovaya str., 116
Club «Gestalt»
Saint-Petersburg, Konyushennaya sq., 2
Club Jagger
Saint-Petersburg, Constitution square, 2
Club Phoenix
St. Petersburg, Aptekarskiy pr., 2
Club ZAL
St. Petersburg, emb. Obvodniy Canal, 118
Saint-Petersburg, Konyushennaya sq., 2
Opera Concert Club
St. Petersburg, emb. Obvodnogo Canala, 181
The club «MOD»
Saint-Petersburg, nab. Kan. Griboedova, D. 7 (in the yard)
The «Kosmonavt» Club
St. Petersburg, Bronnitskaya st., 24
Saint-Petersburg, Konyushennaya square, 2

Все клубы города на одном сайте

Saint Petersburg as the cultural capital of Russia can offer its residents and numerous visitors not only numerous theatrical performances and concerts rock solid, but also more informal leisure facilities, which include modern clubs. They differ in the democratic atmosphere and invited to presentations from a variety of trends in the performing arts while viewers do not have to just sit in the specified locations, and may during a concert dance or distracted by something else, for example, to sit in the cozy bar.

All the clubs of St. Petersburg, presented on our site, located in convenient places, they can simply get a three-dimensional dance halls and fan zones in the scene can simultaneously accommodate everyone a good evening and even night. And for those who want to join the event, but at the same time, and retire & ndash; You can order a VIP-box, where the service is no worse than in a luxury restaurant.

Night and art clubs now are just fantastic popularity among young people, so you should be warned beforehand about ordering tickets, especially at night, when the performance of the popular band or artist. This can be done quickly and easily, directly on our website, where at least two times a day updated information on the program in the near future and availability of tickets to the clubs of St. Petersburg. You may issue an e-ticket, just check with our manager, provides such a service if elected. Or we will book you tickets and deliver to the destination at a fixed time. In this case, you pay only the cost of the ticket with no extra charge and the cost of express delivery services.